Swipely Reveals How Menu and Server Performance Impact Sales

by Elizabeth Ducoff on February, 11 2014 in Swipely News


With a network of 1,000+ restaurant and hospitality customers in 33 states, Swipely talks to the men and women who lead many of our great small businesses everyday. They're as diverse as Rosa Mexicano, Sarabeth’s, Tremont 647, Anna Maria’s Oyster Bar and Fresh To Order. But they have one thing in common.

Restaurant owners report spending too many hours each week trying to understand how their menu and servers impact sales. They're looking at the information in the payments network, in their point-of-sale system and on the web. And they don't always come out with clear answers.

With this insight, Swipely focused our attention on making hospitality customers' life easier. We got to work connecting a restaurant’s most important information to answer the big question: Why do my customers come back?

  • Is it the fish tacos with salsa verde that everyone talks about on Yelp?
  • Is it because Lisa knows just what wine to pair with the pasta special?
  • Is it that the dinner staff always remembers my wife’s favorite dessert?
  • Or something else?

Today we’re proud to announce Swipely’s “Winter ‘14” release. It connects menu, staff and customer insights with Swipely’s cloud-based platform to provide answers.

Now restaurant and bar operators can make smarter decisions about their key drivers: food, staff and marketing. Yes, this means you’ll spend less time crunching numbers and automatically see new opportunities to delight customers and make money.

Let’s dive into the new features to see what you’ll learn about your business.

Menu Intelligence

Swipely Menu Intelligence

The popular dish isn’t always the one that drives repeat visits. Swipely’s here to identify your hidden gems and provide quick insights to improve your menu, answering questions like:

  • Which entrées are most likely to create a loyal, repeat customer?
  • What do customers say online about this dish? (40% of reviews mention menu items)
  • What is my best customer’s favorite glass of wine?
  • Which server has the most success selling the crème brûlée?
  • What popular pairings could help lift the average ticket amount?
  • How would changing the price of margaritas impact my profits?

Server Performance

Swipely Server Performance

Did you know that over 13 million people work at U.S. restaurants? Swipely turns server performance data into actionable insights so managers can coach staff, increase sales and reward stars on the team using leaderboards and analytics, answering questions like:

  • Who are my top servers, measured by sales, customer retention or table turn?
  • Why does Steve excel during his lunch shift sales but struggle at dinner?
  • Who does the best job turning a first-time customer into a repeat customer?
  • Which server needs help learning the wine list to boost her beverage sales?
  • Who does the best job selling desserts and could share tips with colleagues?
  • Where should I focus training to help servers increase revenue and tips?

Sound interesting? If you’re already working with Swipely or manage a restaurant or bar grossing over $500,000, get in touch and we’ll take you for a test drive of the new features: call 888-SWIPELY (794-7359) or schedule a demo online.

Chef Andy did, and now he's telling the story of how he's growing sales at Tremont 647.

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