The East Coast of the US is home to some of the greatest foodie cities in the country. From Miami, FL to Portland, ME, innovative chefs and creative dishes are everywhere. Smack in the middle of this food-obsessed region lie three of the greatest culinary destinations in the world, and we're pitting them against each other to see who comes out on top.

Check out Swipely’s “Restaurant Rumble” infographic to see how Boston, New York City and Washington, DC stack up in terms of ticket size, tip size, repeat customers and more. Visiting the International Restaurant and Foodservice Show of NY this week? Stop by booth #2404 to pick up a copy!

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Nicole Mongillo

Written by Nicole Mongillo

Nicole Mongillo is a writer who fell into marketing more than a decade ago and decided to stay. When she's not creating killer content, you'll find her hanging out with the three loves of her life -- her husband and twin daughters.