Did You Know Valentine's Day Will Contribute $18.6 Billion to the Economy?

by Swipely Team on February, 13 2013 in Finance


According to the National Retail Federation, Valentine's Day spending grows every year. In 2012, people spent $17.6 billion dollars and in 2013 they're estimated to increase spending by another billion dollars for $18.6 billion. Here are some additional numbers to keep in mind:

  • People will spend an average of $131.
  • Men are predicted to spend around $180 on their partners whereas women are more likely to spend around $90.
  • Married couples spend almost half the national average, about $75 dollars.
  • 51% said they'd be buying candy, 19.7% jewelery and 15% will buy gift cards.

Knowing your customers is the first key to accommodating them on these precious holidays.

How are you getting to know your customers?

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