Did You Know? 70% of Consumers Trust Online Reviews

by Swipely Team on May, 15 2013 in Operations


While it's no surprise that 90% of consumers trust reviews from their peers, you might be surprised to know that 70% trust online reviews. Maybe that's why the folks over at Amy's Baking Company Bakery went crazy recently after an influx of negative online reviews this week. They were featured in an episode of Hell's Kitchen on Monday night and got dumped by Gordon Ramsay for not cooperating. The internet went crazy, and so did they.

In related news, the research shows just how important it is to run a clean restaurant, reminding us how the mexican chain of Chi-Chi's went out of business after their famous Hepatitis A outbreak. Any issue with the quality of your food, whether proven by a health inspector, or claimed by an online reviewer, becomes fact in the eyes of 70% of the people that hear it. Check out the infographic for more interesting facts:

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