Did You Know? 60% of Small Businesses Thank Technology For Growth

by Swipely Team on August, 14 2013 in Operations


According to a new scorecard from  SurePayroll Small Business Index, 72% of small businesses have grown in the last year and more than 60% of them say using new technology (cough, Swipely, cough) has really helped them grow their small businesses.

“Technology is enabling them to be more productive and allowing them to grow revenues without having to add employees," says  Michael Alter, chief executive and president of SurePayroll.

In the last 18 months, small businesses have learned how to better their websites, communicate with customers online, use new business tools (payment processing, payroll, expense reporting software, etc.) that takes less time away from generating revenue.

“During the great recession they couldn’t afford to hire anybody. They had to adopt technology,” said Alter. “Now that they adopted technology they are seeing growth. Small businesses get it now.”

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