Did You Know? 59% of Parents Dine Out with Children Weekly

by Swipely Team on September, 11 2013 in Operations


Fifty-nine percent of parents dine out weekly with their kids. This fact from Restaurant.com shows why appealing to the entire family is important.

70 percent of those parents like dining out with kids because it affords quality time with the family and more than half reported that eating out puts emphasis on good table manners.

According to the statistics, if you want to appease the family diners who come to your restaurant, you should:

  • Have a menu section catered to kids.
  • Have appropriately-sized portions.
  • Have healthy options for kids.
  • Offer coupons for dining situations with children (96 percent of parents have used a coupon or deal in this scenario).

How have you created a family-friendly environment in your restaurant? Share your tips with the community. Read our post about the dining habits of couples with kids for elaboration. And if you want to find out more about your customers and how they dine ...

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