Last month we shared an article on great ways to bring interesting promotions into your small business throughout the month.

Of course many people acknowledge major holidays, but the “special” days throughout the month are often forgotten. Special days can be equally as important as many holidays, and we have all certainly seen the love people have for holidays.

Below we’ve shared a list of some of the special days for November and some possible ways to celebrate these days.

Book Lovers Day (November 2)

Avid readers often go to quiet coffee shops or cafes when they want to enjoy a new book and get out in the process. It isn’t surprising to see people spend all afternoon in bookstore cafes reading, eating and enjoying a beverage.

Book Lovers Day is the first Saturday of the month and falls on second this year. The Book Mill in Montague, Massachusetts is the perfect place to celebrate Book Lovers Day, with its large selection of books the Lady Killigrew Café right next door. In this type of location you can get a delicious treat, like peanut noodles or a coffee and check out the great reading selection next door.

Sandwich Day (November 3)

The sandwich has come a long way since the 18th century, when it first found its way to dining tables. Now the sandwich is a staple for lunch and offered at many locations.

One way restaurants can help celebrate Sandwich Day is by offering a variety of specialty sandwiches or half sandwiches to give guests a unique variety on this special day.

Note: If you’re in Hadley on November 3, celebrate Sandwich Day properly by stopping at Stables Sandwich Shoppe.

Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day (November 7)

This day entertains a very specific type of sweet and it brings visions of Hershey’s Chocolate Bars and Seven Stars Bakery to mind. Seven Stars, located in Providence, Rhode Island can help guests celebrate this special day by highlighting its chocolate almond croissant.

Cook Something Bold Day (November 8)

This day should serve as inspiration or a challenge to all the creative chefs out there. This is a day to take risks, trust in your skills and bring something new to the table.

Note: Birch Restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island offers some unique options on its four-course dinner menu. For instance, Birch offers Hen of the Woods Mushroom as a second course option. This edible mushrooms is delicious and not offered in many locations because it typically has to be foraged in the woods, unlike standard button mushrooms that are commercially grown.

Homemade Bread Day (November 17)

November 17 is Homemade Bread Day, Take a Hike Day and World Peace Day. Maybe there’s a correlation between these three…

There is certainly a connection between bread and hiking, since avid hikers like to get a good dose of carbs before and during hikes.

This day is great for unique breads, especially ones that utilize some local or seasonal products. At this point in November you’ll still be able to get pumpkins and squash. Perhaps a pumpkin bread like the ones offered at Atkins Farm in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Eat a Cranberry Day (November 23)

There should be some liberty taken with this special day, so we’ll expand the options to including items that include cranberries in some fashion instead of eating a cranberry by itself.

If you’re a bar, you can promote special drinks involving cranberry flavored liquors, cranberry mixers or the like. Or you can feature a product slightly different, like Amherst Farm Winery’s cranberry wine.

National Parfait Day (November 25)

What’s better than a cold parfait before the winter sets in? November 25 is the day to offer a parfait promotion and you can do so by bringing up visions of warmer weather.

If you don’t normally offer parfaits but want to for this special day, made sure to include fresh fruit, yogurt and granola like Boston Brewin Coffee Co. does.

Thanksgiving (November 28)

If you’re planning to be opened on Thanksgiving you probably already have some kind of marketing promotions in place. If you’re looking for ideas, we’ll have a special article discussing options for Thanksgiving marketing coming next week.

Do you plan on using these special days for November marketing opportunities? Have you used any in the past? Please share your experience with us!

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